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In the Words of Our Customers

July 19, 2022

Hi Carl,

My wife and I want folks to know how great AETNA Medicare Advantage Medicare Insurance has been working for us so far in 2022.

1. Low monthly premium of $39.00.
2. Access to quality doctors with low copays, dental, etc.
3. Most of our generic prescriptions either free or reasonably priced.
3. An over the counter $90.00 allowance of medical supplies every 3 months via CVS online OTC.
4. Includes "Silver Sneakers", a health club membership free of charge.

Thank you Carl for recommending AETNA MEDICARE ADVANTAGE.

- Norm Pacyga Sr., Diamond IL., July 2022



Aetna Medicare Advantage Insurance


I have been with Carl Ritz for 15 years. He has always puts me on the insurance plan that fits my needs, and saves me money.

I have been on Aetna Premier for the last 2 years. Some of the benefits you receive thru the year is a $ 300.00 over the counter supplies, that you can order from a catalog; free membership at a fitness center and a reward's program. That is not ALL, -- NO
deductible and the Rx plan is included.


This plan has saved me a lot of money. For instance last year (2021) out of my pocket was ONLY $104.00. Hold on, my premium is only $ 25.00 per month. I know it is
hard to believe.


Carl is there to help the Seniors. He will take the time to explain
and answer any questions you have.


I know this insurance is unbelievable!


A Happy client,


--Sue Voss - Quincy, IL



Hi Mr. Ritz,


I wanted to write you and to say Thank you for helping me to save money. I had a medicare supplement that you have helped me with for the last 10 years or so. You called me in 2019 and told me about an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. I decided to go with your suggestion and sign up for the Aetna plan. I really enjoyed being able to save more money in the future.


In September of 2020, I was involved in a car accident and broke several ribs and other serious medical problems. Beings I was 80, I was only worried about getting back healthy again. When I was released from the hospital, I was shocked that I got delivered meals to my home that eased my worry about cooking. My medical bills are being paid, just like you said they would be.


I am very pleased with my medicare advantage and I want to say thanks for helping me save money and looking out for me all these years. 


-- DT, Moline, Illinois, November 2020



"Hi Carl,


Thanks for helping me with my medicare supplement and prescription plan. I really appreciate you helping me out each year to keep my supplement and prescription plans as low as possible.


It is nice to find an agent that looks out for their clients. That is the reason I have sent you referrals. I know you will help my friends just like you have helped me."


-- L. Jones.,  Effingham, IL  May 19, 2011




Thank you so much for being instrumental in saving me money on my medicare supplement insurance. I also appreciate the extra time you take to explain everything to me and to put me at ease. "


-- Anne, Belvidere, IL Jan. 20, 2012


"Hello Carl,


We wanted to let you know that the savings you provide us on our supplement was a welcome surprise. We thought we had the best supplement, but your options opened up our eyes.


Thanks for explaining and working with us in getting us an affordable medicare supplement company."


-- L. Miller and C. Miller, Chicago, IL     March 6, 2014


"We have always depended on Carl Ritz to recommend the Medicare Insurance Supplement that is best for us at the same time keeping our premiums at the lowest possible rates for over 10 years now.


We are also impressed by the prompt services we receive from him and feel free to call Carl at any time.


We highly recommend Carl for any insurance questions or problems you have concerning your needs."


-- Joyce & Tom Keppner, Quincy, IL  June 9, 2015


"Carl Ritz is absolutely the best out there. He does business the old fashion way---- taking the time to listen and understand your specific needs. Then he gets you the best deal possible, using the knowledge he has gained from 37 years in the field. This year I saved $725 on my Medicare supplemental and another $416 on my RX plan. I have never had a problem with my claims being paid. Best of all, Carl does all the paper work. He sends you the papers and indicates where you must sign. It’s not too good to be true. Carl Ritz knows his stuff, and he simply has your best interest at heart."


-- Eleanor G. 12/15/2015


Response from MAPS Medicare And Prescription Services: Hi Eleanor, I would like to "Thank-you" for your review. I want you to know that I strive to give my clients the opportunity to have the peace of mind of knowing that I will always look out for their best interest. I have always made it a goal of mine, to offer a Quality product for my clients and prospects and that it will enable them to SAVE money. I know that if I do my job, and take the time to explain things, then let you make up your mind, that at the end of the day, you will be a Satisfied client. Thanks again for your kind words.


"We highly recommend you with a top 5 star rating. We want to thank you for being our agent for our medicare supplement for the past nine years. You have been able to not only give us a great price but you have been consistent on an annual basis for keeping our rates low. We really appreciate your quick service and dedication for looking out for us! We also appreciate your being able to find a medical supplement company that not only saves us money but gives us a product that is excellent. Your ability to always be concerned about saving money for us is VERY much appreciated. We highly recommend you with a top 5 star rating."


-- Ed S. 7/18/15


Response from MAPS Medicare And Prescription Services: Hi Ed and Sandy, I would like to Thank You for your review. I appreciate that you chose me to be your Medicare Supplement agent. My agency goal is to give all my clients, including the both of you, a Great company at an affordable premium on a consistent basis. Thanks again for your kind words.


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