Important Update (Please Read): Changes are coming to your Medicare ID Card

Social Security Number Removed from Medicare ID Cards

Beginning in April 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) will start issuing Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) numbers in place of Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICN) on Medicare ID cards. The new ID cards will be mailed out in phases by geographic location.   

What is the goal?

The Social Security Administration hopes to decrease Medicare beneficiaries’ vulnerability to identity theft.

How will they do this?

They will replace the current SSN-based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) shown on Medicare ID Cards with a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) number that does not contain a Social Security Number.

Who does this affect?

According to Medicare, this will include all existing (currently active, deceased or archived) and new beneficiaries.

What will the new MBI number and Medicare ID Card look like?

  • Same number of characters currently used (11)
  • Uppercase alpha and numeric characters throughout the 11 digit MBI
  • Easy to read and will limit the possibility of letters being interpreted as numbers (i.e. exclude S, L, O, I, B, Z)
  • No special characters
  • No inappropriate combinations of numbers or strings that may be offensive

New Medicare Cards